What is therapy?

Therapy is a safe, non-judgmental trusting space where you get to talk about what you wish. In therapy we work on what you want to improve on. As an example, reducing stress, worry, sadness, anxiety, depression, relationship and trust, parenting stress, work stress, improve self esteem and self-worth. I work with you psychodynamically, helping you dig deep to find the root causes of your worries, struggles, fears, stressors, examining past experiences and their influence on present behaviors, feelings and relationships. This type of therapy allows us to look at the underlying/root causes to bring long-lasting change. It is important to understand where your issues came from and why so these can be processed and worked though so that they no longer have such an influence on your present. It’s thorough this deep exploration and understanding of ourselves that we can learn to better manage our present feelings, behaviors and relationships.

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