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What is ADHD Coaching?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

When we think of coaching, we often envision an athletic coach - a knowledgeable individual armed with a playbook, who knows all the game plans and directs the team on how to play. Conversely, an ADHD coach possesses the expertise and various playbooks required to assist individuals in developing a game plan that works best for them. However, an ADHD coach cannot make decisions for their clients - life decisions are left up to the individual.

Coaching is a collaborative partnership between the coach and the client, requiring a commitment from both parties. This process usually takes three to six months to build the necessary systems and unravel all the gifts and talents. During this time, clients gain a better understanding of how ADHD affects their daily personal, career, or school life. Many may have been told that they won't achieve their goals or lead a satisfying life because of their ADHD. However, these "naysayers" fail to see the strengths and superpowers inherent in all ADHD individuals. They only focus on the negatives, seeing "bad behavior" instead of recognizing the amazing gifts and talents that ADHDers possess.

An ADHD coach assists individuals in identifying their strengths and limitations and utilizing their strengths to overcome any obstacles. They provide insight into how ADHD manifests in one's life and help identify specific strategies that work for the individual. An ADHD coach supports clients as they develop skills, strategies, and structure for a fulfilling life, focusing on practical daily living issues such as finances, maintaining a home, nutrition, exercise, and sleep. They work with ADHDers on planning and moving forward, providing positive reinforcement and taking the time to move the individual forward at their own pace.

Ultimately, an ADHD coach helps clients uncover their strengths, gifts, talents, and skills, while holding them accountable for their day-to-day actions and empowering them to achieve their greatness.

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