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What is ADHD Coaching?

When we hear the word coaching, we are most often referring to an athletic coach; a knowledgeable person with a playbook in hand that knows all the game plans. The athletic coach looks at the entire team and directs the members on playing the game. They hopefully know best.

On the other hand, an ADHD coach has the knowledge and various playbooks used to assist a person to develop the game plan that works best for each individual. An ADHD Coach however cannot tell you what to do. Life decisions are left up to the player.

Coaching is a collaborative partnership between the coach and the client. This requires a commitment from the player and the Coach. Usually the process takes from 3 to 6 months, to build all the necessary systems and unwrap all the gifts and talents.

During this process, the client will better understand how ADHD manifests itself daily in their personal, career, or school life. Many will tell ADHDers that they won’t reach their goals or achieve a satisfying life because they have ADHD. Those people, “naysayers”, are unable to see the strengths and super powers that all ADHDers inherently have. They only focus on the negatives. For the naysayers they only see “bad behavior”. To them hyperactivity, impulsivity, fidgeting, disorganization, poor time management, emotional dysregulation, a poor working memory, multitasking, executive dysfunction, procrastination, distractibility, restlessness, or inattention are curses, and will only cause failure.

ADHDers are amazingly gifted and talented individuals with many hidden strengths. They are original thinkers that possess creative minds that make them fantastic and unique people.

An ADHD Coach will:

  • Assist a person to identify their strengths and limitations and use their strengths to overcome any obstacles present.

  • Provide understanding of how ADHD manifests itself in one’s life,

  • Explore what specific/custom strategies will work for YOU, then work with you to build them into your routine.

  • Support a person as they develop skills, strategies, and structure that will create a fulfilling life.

  • Focus on practical daily living issues and form habits for a balanced, healthy lifestyle such as finances, maintaining a home, nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

  • Works with an ADHDers on how to plan and move forward, with lots of positive reinforcement

  • Take time, be patient and move a person forward at their own pace.

An ADHD Coach will help you uncover your strengths, gifts, talents and skills. They will hold you accountable to make yourself responsible for your day-to-day actions and empower you to achieve your greatness.

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