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ADHD isn't the end.

Real coaching solutions for professionals battling ADHD.

ADHD isn't just for kids. It affects executive functioning, posing unique challenges to our lives.

When we hear the word ADHD, we tend to think of a 6-year-old running in circles and has trouble being still. However, signs of ADHD can show up at any age and in their own special way. When our brain is affected by ADHD, we face different challenges that can affect the quality of our life. That is because ADHD impacts the executive functioning of the brain.


Unlocking Potential: Overcoming ADHD Challenges through Coaching

Challenges related to ADHD, like impulsive spending, distraction, emotional management, forgetfulness, and lateness, can be addressed through ADHD coaching. Discover your strengths, overcome obstacles, and create a fulfilling life with the support of a coach who understands ADHD's impact. Unleash your hidden talents and unique creative mind to find success, fulfillment, and happiness.

"Unleashing potential and transforming lives through ADHD coaching, empowering clients to embrace their unique strengths, navigate challenges, and cultivate meaningful relationships." - Coach Roozbeh

Coaching for ADHD

  • Medication alone falls short on the ADHD journey; a life coach can be your guiding map to identify strengths, overcome obstacles, and harness your unique potential.

  • An ADHD coach helps you comprehend how ADHD influences your life, equipping you with skills, strategies, and support to create a fulfilling and successful path. Discover hidden strengths, embrace your creativity, and thrive in personal, family, and career challenges with my coaching expertise.

How Coaching Works

​Step 1: Active Listening and Support

I create a safe and non-judgmental environment where you can express your concerns and thoughts.
Through active listening, I provide empathetic support and understanding, helping you feel heard and validated.

Step 2: Uncovering Hidden Potentials

Together, we explore questions that facilitate self-discovery and uncover your hidden capabilities and potentials.
By reflecting on your experiences and perspectives, we reveal strengths and talents that can be utilized for personal growth.

Step 3: Overcoming Obstacles and Building Strategies

We identify obstacles, negative thoughts, and fears that may be holding you back.
Through collaboration, we develop effective strategies and actionable steps to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

What to Expect from Me?

Empowering Support, Confidentiality, and Guidance

I offer a safe and non-judgmental space to listen attentively and provide guidance as we navigate your journey towards personal growth and success together.

What I expect from you 

I expect you to:


Be on time for our sessions and inform me in advance if you cannot attend.


Come prepared for our sessions with an agenda and awareness of the progress and challenges you wish to work on.


Be honest and open with me if something is not working or if you are bothered by something related to our coaching relationship.


Be open to new possibilities, ideas, and actions.


Be committed to taking action when needed.


Hold yourself accountable and let me know if you want me to challenge you further.


Show me ways to inspire, encourage, and empower you.


Be willing to take an honest look at yourself and share your struggles with me.


Respect my services by honoring our financial agreement.


What others are saying about us

Sulema Villarreal-Tellez

"From struggling with time management and self-doubt to finding a path to improvement, working with Rooz has been a game-changer. His straightforward and supportive approach cut through my procrastination, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth. The biggest breakthrough? Learning accountability and embracing a positive mindset. Rooz’s mix of tough love, quirky humor, and unwavering support has not only made sessions enjoyable but also incredibly valuable. His coaching isn’t just about overcoming immediate obstacles; it’s about equipping you with life skills for long-term success. I wholeheartedly recommend Rooz to anyone ready to change their life for the better."



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