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Katie Rickman

Katie is excited to have entered the coaching field as she works toward her certification with ADDCA. A veteran teacher of 25 years and mother to a son who has autism and ADHD, she was drawn to this work after seeing a student blossom with the support of a coach and knew she was ready to leave the confines of the classroom. She brings this perspective and life experience to her coaching. 


A life-long visual artist and creative thinker, Katie was surprised to find herself reflected in the coursework in her first weeks of training. With the shift in perspective her diagnosis has given her, she has embraced her ADHD and can now craft her life in a way that allows her to spread her wings and fly.


Katie approaches her clients with curiosity and fascination to work alongside them as they uncover their own ADHD superpowers.

She especially enjoys working with teens and young adults, as well as with those who want to understand and support people they love who live with ADHD, with an understanding it impacts the whole family. She welcomes clients of all gender expressions and sexual orientations.

Katie Rickman
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