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Roozbeh Khoshniyat
ADHD, Executive Function, Life Coach, MBA
Founder, Partner

Following a career in Supply Chain, Rooz received his Two MBAs from the University of La Verne. He worked in the corporate world for over 17 years. Rooz was diagnosed with ADHD in his teen and struggled with his ADHD for many years. In 2016 he met his therapist and Mentor. With her guidance, Rooz began to understand his ADHD. In 2019 he decided to leave the corporate world and become an ADHD & life Coach and expand Heal and Thrive Psychotherapy and Coaching. Rooz is receiving his ADHD coach training at ADDCA. As a square peg in a round hole, he had the feeling that the corporate world was holding him back.

He is a member of CHADD Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit, ADDA - Attention Deficit Disorder Association and ICF International Coach Federation.

Rooz is a Professional Certified ADHD Coach (PCAC)  who helps individuals to take advantage of personal, family, and business changes. Gifted with ADHD, Rooz approaches his clients with humor and passion for flourishing his clients. He also has experience in assisting startup therapists in creating their brands and expanding their businesses. 

Roozbeh Khoshniyat
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