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This Is Hard!

This is hard. Our life has forever changed. Some of us are feeling traumatized while most of us are experiencing loss. Loss of loved ones, loss of security, loss of freedom, loss of control, loss of normality, loss of productivity, loss of …. This is hard. We are in a unprecedented times. This is a global issue. We know Covid19 is possibly the start of many crisis to come. So, be kind to yourself. Recognize that you are most likely dealing with anxiety, uncertainty, fear, grief and loss, and for some, loss of loved ones and putting yourself on the life of fire against this virus everyday. So, be kind to yourself. Don’t should, could must yourself. Don’t judge yourself. You are doing the best you can. You are surviving a very difficult situation. It is normal to feel scared, discouraged, unsure, helpless and hopeless. Know that you are not alone and there is help. Focus on one moment, one minute, one day at a time. Focus on what is going right, what you have control over, what you are doing to help yourselves and others. You are productive because you are doing what you can to make it. For each of us that is something different. You are doing your best. Continue to be kind compassionate and caring to yourself and others around you. We need each other now more than ever. This is hard but can do this.

Here are some emergency numbers for your information.

24/7 hotlines

National Suicide Prevention Number- 1-800-273-8255

National Domestic Violence Hotline- 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

National Child Abuse Hotline- 1-800-422-4453

LA County Department of Mental Health- 800-854-7771

Orange County Mental Health Services- (877) 7-CRISIS or (877) 727-4747

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