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In what ways might young children who experience ADHD benefit from the use of Calm Corners?

ADHD offers a variety of difficulties for families with young children. These challenges include the need to manage impulsive behaviors and the demand to find strategies to maintain emotional regulation. When our children are experiencing high levels of anxiety, overstimulation, emotional dysregulation, Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria (RSD), etc., an area that is specifically designed for relaxation and stress reduction (calm corner), which is commonly referred to as a calming corner, can be extremely helpful.

The term "Calm Corner" refers to a space designed to promote relaxation and reduce stress or anxiety. Children can learn to manage overwhelming sensory experiences by using a calm corner. The calm corner offers a space to retreat and not be stimulated while experiencing, expressing, or recovering from their emotions. This space is furnished with a range of instruments, such as soft lighting, comfy chairs, and toys that engage the senses, offering opportunities for grounding skills.

This space offers a safe haven to refuge from chaos and overwhelming feelings. If one can concentrate on learning as needed or regulate one's mood and emotions, it would offer the opportunity to express one's emotions without being judged by those who may not understand.

Compared to other locations, these areas have an excellent impact on reducing hyperactivity and significantly improving concentration. Children can gain skills in appropriately managing their responses to stress within a controlled environment.

Here is a list of items you may consider adding to your calm corner:

●     Comfortable seat

●     Fidget

●     Coloring book

●     Playdough

●     Sticky Wall Balls

●     Lava lamp

●     Noise-canceling headphones

●     the child's favorite toy

A great idea is to have your child participate in creating the calm corner. Their participation and buy-in are crucial to this success.

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