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ADHD & Life Coach

ADHD is not an excuse to get by, ADHD is the reason why.

When we hear the word ADHD, we tend to think of a 6-year-old running in circles and has trouble being still. However, signs of ADHD can show up at any age and in their own special way.  When our brain is affected by ADHD, we face different challenges that can affect the quality of our life. That is because ADHD impacts the executive functioning of the brain.

Do any of these sounds familiar?

A spouse that impulsively spends money on unnecessary items, an employee that is distracted in a meeting, the middle-school-aged child that is having trouble managing their emotions, a friend that seems they have a hard time remembering a subject discussed a minute ago, a parent that is always late to a meeting, … these are some of the challenges that are related to executive functions of the brain.

Medication can only take you so far on your ADHD Journey!  A Life Coach will help you draw the map. ADHD coach will help the person identify his strengths and limitation and how to use their strengths to overcome any obstacles present. ADHD coach helps the client understand how ADHD is manifesting itself in one’s life and develop skills, strategies, support system, and structure to create a fulfilling life.  ADHDer’s are gifted with many hidden strengths. We are the original thinkers. We possess creative minds that make us unique people. Coaching will allow you to turn your special gift into strategies and skills to create a successful, fulfilling, happy life.

I coach individuals/couples with personal, family, and career challenges. An ADHD mind left alone will tend to burden one with negative self-judgment. I empower clients to see and understand that what they have been doing has been their creative way of trying to meet their essential ADHD Needs. And how to improve their lives by understanding themselves and others in a better way.

Let Me Help You
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How Coaching Works
  • I am here to listen to you, hear your concerns, and through questions, I ask, help you unearth your hidden capabilities and potentials.

  • In listening to you, I will bring to your attention what you might not be aware of.

  • I don’t have an agenda. My sole goal is to be there for you and support you.

  • I mirror to you what you say so you can hear what you say to yourself.

  • I will challenge you and with your consent will gently push you out of your comfort zone. So, you can be the best you can become.

  • I commit to being a present partner in your journey.

  • I will be here to remind you to stop yourself from “gaslighting” which means helping you identify the thoughts and behaviors that get in your way.

  • Together we will come up with the best strategies to help you overcome your negative thoughts, fears, and problems. 

What You Can Expect From Me
  • ​I will be enthusiastic, excited, fun, and humorous to make this journey fun and exciting for you.

  • In a safe and nourishing environment, I will listen, treat you with respect, and keep your information confidential within the guidelines of ICF and PAAC. 

  • I will accept you as who you are.

  • I will be honest, caring, and considerate. I will hold you accountable while exercising empathy and understanding.

  • The coaching time is yours. I will only focus on your and your goals during our coaching sessions. Unless you ask me, I will not tell you what to do. I will help you find your own way.

What I Expect From You
  • ​To be on time for our sessions and let me know in advance if you cannot make it. 

  • To be prepared for our sessions, have an agenda, and be aware of your progress and challenges you want to work on.

  • To be honest and open with me if something is not working or is bothering you regarding our coaching relationship.

  • To be open to new possibilities, ideas, and actions.

  • To be committed to acting when needed.

  • To hold yourself accountable and let me know if you want me to challenge you even more.

  • Show me ways to inspire you, encourage you, and empower you.

  • To be willing to take an honest look at yourself and share your struggles with me.

  • To be respectful of my services by honoring our financial agreement.

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